BG power supply unit

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BG power supply unit
  • − To the Privatbank card
  • − Nova Poshta
  • License DSTZI to perform work on the protection of voice information

The unit provides power to the device from the following power grids:

- alternating current with voltage of 220 V, + 22 V, - 33 V, f (50 ± 1) Hz;

- DC voltage + 17 ÷ 75 (± 10%) V.

The unit is made according to the uninterruptible power supply scheme, namely when the power supply disappears from the AC mains, the power supply from the DC mains is automatically switched on and vice versa.

The power supply provides the formation of the following output voltages and currents: + 12 ± 10% V, 10 A, + 5 ± 10% V, 1 A.


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